The United Kingdom has gone soft

So people still talk about how horrible it was when the Africans were slaves, and how millions of Jews were killed during WW2, but now white people Christians/protestant or non religious men and women are under attack from ethnics minorities everyday! Young girls are being raped, British men are being beaten up and murdered, but yet no one bats an eye lid. However, when the police shoot a black drug dealer, half the UK goes up in riots, protesting against some sort of injustice. People say black lives matter, Muslim lives and so on, but what about white lives? Do white lives not matter anymore? The amount of hate crimes towards white people is increasing everyday, yet the media still refuse to publish, or give light to this disgusting behaviour. We are becoming second class citizens in our own country! What makes it worse, is that you have all the migrants in Calais getting through our borders every day, with no government action for months, and when David Cameron finally steps in and says 'put more fences up', it changes nothing, as if fences aren't working now they won't work later! We need soldiers in Calais protecting our citizens! Every day more and more immigrants enter illegally, yet the French government refuse to comment, or make any decisive decisions, other than blame the British! The French need to either up the security in Calais, or we need to stop sending trucks and other British trade through France, because before long there will be thousands getting through. This country was once a great empire, but look at it now. The United Kingdom has gone soft. If immigrants are found to be illegal, in Britain, and have no skills whatsoever, they need to be dealt with. We need to either re-open the mines, and build more factories, and make use of them rather than leave them in hotels or camps where they live the life of luxury, or recruit them into a British Foreign Legion, as we have historically always incorporated foreign troops in our army to help us win wars (A benefit of the Foreign Legion is that if too many illegals come here, you can have the Foreign Legion deport their own people, therefore eliminating all claims of racism, or unfairness). What we shouldn't do is give illegals benefits or treat them nicely - they should have stopped at the first country they came to, and if they think Britain is soft they have another thing coming.

Tommy O'Brian