The three C’s

Giving hope for 2014 I can confirm that NBU leader has been invited to take part in unity talks in the New Year from different persons representing 15 patriotic groups across Britain, among them members and ex-members of BNP, NF, BF, BDP, EDL, LDV, UDF, NWI and others.

The first steps of uniting the right are being taken and the usual suspects will do all they can to stop it, ignore their lies and back-stabbing, the truth is that the ‘foot soldiers’ of all these movements and more want unity, they desire discipline, direction and real leadership and deserve nothing less.

You can probably categorise all our enemies into three groups.

Capitalists  -  Bankers , moneylenders, usury, speculators, national and international fat cat industrialists, promoting debt, enslaving us, our children and our children’s children. These vampires suck hard earned possessions and the very life from honest working people.

Communists  - Working away behind the scenes, bringing everything down to their level, illogically programmed to ruin everything. Blind misguided fools when not in large groups have substantial yellow streaks down their backs. The politically correct…The BBC…

Corruptors – Abominations, criminals of nature, deviants, groomers, spreading and justifying their vile practice now with more and more impunity.  These monsters now walk free in society with more rights than you, their every existence makes one’s skin crawl.

When I was talking enemies, I was not talking about enemies of just New British Union, I was talking about the common enemies of the state.

So do you know where the power lies?  It starts and ends with you….so use it, lets fight back before they have complete control.

The Black Quill