The Crisis In The Criminal Justice System

It seems that hardly a day goes by without another murder of an innocent person on our streets. Society is out of control, even when a criminal is caught, the majority of resources are directed towards his welfare and rights, whilst ignoring the rights of the victim. This would not be accepted in a Fascist society. Law and order would be paramount, for if it isn’t safe to walk the streets, Society is not worthy of that name.

Working as I do as a Prison Officer, I see at first hand the appeasement, and indeed the consequences of liberalism within the Criminal Justice System. It seems every day I hear the words “Human rights”, what I attempt to get across are “Human Responsibilities”.

What I hope to highlight in this article, is that the deterrent factor has gone, and jail is seen by many recidivists as an opportunity to meet up with old friends, continue to deal drugs that are smuggled into prison. Most of these drugs are smuggled in through visits, in which security has been greatly reduced, namely in the liberal campaign of “Decency”, some prisoners even have visits out of sight of Prison Officers. It is a shame this “Decency” is not extended to the public’s right to see these individuals punished within a disciplined system, and not one increasingly run by Sociologists, Psychiatrists and other deluded liberals. Prisons would return to being prisons under an Fascist Government!.

The Prison System, in it’s removal of a person from Civil Society, should be about breaking the chains of criminal thinking and indeed morality, and hopefully replacing it with a disciplined, responsible member of society. This should me done by challenging violent behavior, criminal morality and anti-social activities. The sad truth is the modern Prison Service serves nothing more than an institution that reinforces and indeed celebrates the so-called “culture” that creates the criminals in the first place.

If we take for instance, drug abuse. In the past, prisoners coming into custody would be given nothing to help with the pains of drug withdrawal. Put bluntly, they would go “cold turkey”, thereby suffering the consequences of their actions. In the establishment where I work, Prisoners are now “maintained”. This “maintenance” consists of supplying methadone at an enormous financial cost on a daily basis, and as a result, when they leave, because their addiction hasn’t even been broken, they go straight back into their habit, usually funded by stealing or attacking another innocent member of Society, an absurd situation.

Prisoners have access to colour TV’s, DVD and PlayStation, menu choices etc. How many of our elderly citizens, many of whom are scared to walk the streets for fear of attack by these lawless individuals have access to such luxury items? Many indeed don’t get the luxury of a decent meal on a daily basis, let alone menu choices!

Most prisons in the so-called “dispersal” system, that contain the most violent prisoners serving sentences for murder and rape etc now have a massive problem with the propagation and subsequent organisation of Islamic Fundamentalist groups. This has been allowed to happen, again by the liberal establishment, for it is a lot easier to appease than to confront it. That is in the short-term. In the long-term we are allowing many of our jails to become nothing more than a breeding ground for Islamic Fundamentalism, giving them the opportunities to organise, and politicise the disaffected, or indeed bullied. The stark reality being, if you don’t join these groups, you are against them in jail, and that means attacks with boiling oil, stabbings or “sugaring” which involves having boiling water containing sugar, thrown over your face. This causes horrendous injuries as the sugar adheres to the skin making it peel off. I have witnessed this, and it isn’t pleasant. This is a daily occurrence in our jails, but obviously goes unreported. It is only a matter of time before something very serious indeed happens in an establishment, and it will be polarised around religion, as indeed the recent disturbance at HMP YOI Aylesbury was, when Islamist inmates made a pre-planned attack upon staff in moslem prayers. The cold-blooded murder of soldier Lee Rigby was carried out by ex-prisoners politicised in the prison system. And yet when one of these murdering cowards was restrained by Officers in Belmarsh, it culminated in the suspension of 5 Officers!!!We still observe the silence and inertia of spineless politicians who allowed this to happen attempt to apportion the blame elsewhere! Rather than being caused by their appeasement of organised Islamist groups within our system! For the alternative, would be to realise that this Islamist ideology is diametrically opposed to co-existence with our society, and hell bent on subverting it. These aims are being helped with the compliance of liberals within the establishment who seek to appease rather than confront Islam within our prisons. An inertia that is fully taken advantage of by those with an Islamist agenda. The promotion of Arabic in prayer groups only arms these subversives further by giving them a covert language with which to communicate and organise.

Under an Fascist Government, for the most heinous crimes there would be re-introduction of the death penalty. Crimes such as murder, paedophilia, drug supply and rape. We would also repatriate all foreign prisoners (of which we currently have 13,000) to their country of origin following the cost of their travel being earnt through their labor in prison. We would re-introduce the work ethic within our penal system by making prisoners work on construction projects, road building, canal dredging and graffiti removal, whereby they would have to pay back, and indeed be seen to pay back society.

Most importantly we would unshackle the police from the chains of “Political Correctness” and allow them to do their job, without fear of upsetting certain religions or cultural groups, whereby they could discharge their duties to protect the decent majority in Society, and uphold law and order, by smashing those who currently take advantage of the self-serving liberal establishment, who will always make excuses for the criminal and never speak out for the victims. Drug dealing can be eradicated, the police know who the dealers are, they are held back by liberal politicians, who, for fear of upsetting race-relations in the inner-cities, are restrained from any concentrated raids upon certain communities. This wouldn’t happen in a Fascist Society, if you undermine Society it does not, and should not matter who you are, you would be dealt with appropriately for the good of Society. That is the stark choice we have to make, for we must face reality if we are to confront these problems and in doing so, take our Nation forward, towards building a Fascist Society. For you are either a citizen of the state, or an adversary and therefore should have no rights within our Society if you seek to undermine and destroy it! Our future must be built upon loyalty, integrity and service to the Fascist State! Forward!