Dear Comrades,

On Tuesday 22nd April 2014, I and a couple of Mosley supporters attended a UK Independence Party - Public Meeting for the European Elections Campaign, held in the Drill Hall, Horsham, West Sussex, attended by around 150 people. The speakers were Cllr Diane James, who came second in the Eastleigh By-Election, and Cllr Roger Arthur, former Tory Deputy Leader of Horsham District Council, who recently defected to UKIP.

Outside were members of the Labour Party handing out anti-UKIP leaflets. I engaged in a brief debate with one of them, and made it clear that I believe immigration is out of control. I also stated that I do have respect for some of the original patriotic British Socialists, such as Robert Blatchford, who wrote a book entitled "Britain for the British". The Labour man replied "Well that is your opinion, but immigration can be also be a benefit".

I managed to ask two questions of the UKIP panel inside the meeting:

1. Would a UKIP Government control immigration into Britain from outside the European Union?

2. How would a UKIP Government prevent unpopular foreign wars?

The UKIP answer to the second question was fair enough:

"UKIP opposed the proposed war against Syria, and we are against foreign conflicts."

I found nothing to disagree with in that response.

However, I was less impressed with their reply to the first question:

"UKIP takes the view that EU rules allowing a Romanian plumber into Britain are wrong, and we would welcome immigrants such as a doctor from Pakistan, who would benefit this country. UKIP is not an anti-immigration party, it is important to stress that, particularly in the light of the media smear campaign."

It is interesting that Sir Oswald Mosley spoke at a British Union mass meeting at the Horsham Drill Hall in 1939, which was attended by 500 local Britons, and the event is marked on a plaque outside the venue, and which was featured in the local newspaper 'West Sussex County Times', a few years ago.

For further information on Mosley's meetings and marches in Sussex, see the book 'Blackshirts-on-Sea: A Pictorial History of the Mosley Summer Camps 1933-1938' by J.A. Booker - Priced £18 UK/ £28 Overseas available from:

Brockingday, 27 Old Gloucester Street, London WC1N 3XX

Action Report submitted by 'Sussex Blackshirt'