Fascism – the strength behind Singapore


I am a new member of The New British Union, living and working in Singapore.  Before I came to Singapore I served in the British Forces and later was elected into local government under the Labour party, giving me a good grounding in politics and the issues and barriers faced. I may be working here in Singapore for a British company, but I have never lost sight of my roots or love for my homeland.  I joined the NBU because I could see that it was the only viable option to save our British identity.


We need to get the British population to see fascism for what it really is and what it can achieve and not the negative label it has been associated with due to Hitler and the Nazis (rather the negative way they have been portrayed).  I too thought of the Fascists as bad and evil at one time due to the movies and historical manipulated facts taught in schools and those around me.  Actually it was not until I entered politics as a councilor that I really started to examine politics more closely at home and abroad, seeing the good and bad.  When I watched the movie ‘Hitler the rise of Evil’ I could actually understand what he was trying to achieve through his politics and understand the basic idea that was trying to be achieved.  Force, to some extent, needs to be used to get people to focus and see the benefits.  If they are not forced to see and experience the benefits they will condemn our fascist ideals without trying them and giving them a chance.  It is when you start thinking for yourself and analyzing the various political establishments around the world that you start to understand what works and what doesn’t.  As well as the present global situations we can learn a lot from past historical struggles, what brought about their successes and what caused their downfall.  


In England the cities are built so that someone from the middle class can live for years and commute in and out of it daily without coming into contact with a working class quarter or workers as long as they confine themselves to their own affairs-squalor and misery become invisible.   Just look how council estates and social housing is positioned in your own town.  The class system and unequal division of wealth is the biggest killer of our societies.  Leaders may have the right motivation to start with and strive to make a more equal society, but as they achieve a position of power they loose sight of why they were put in a leadership position and become more power hungry and capitalist themselves and only interested in protecting their own position, or those around the leader become corrupt and have their own hidden agenda rather than the common good in support of one leader. 


What really made me finally stand up and attempt to do something about the situation in Britain and join the NBU was seeing the massive influx of immigrants to my homeland from Eastern Europe and the fast changes in the ethnic balance throughout the country.  I am not racist but I do not want to see an unequal balance and a great influx of people taking and not putting anything constructive into our country.  My homeland did not feel like home during my last visit as just so alien to the home I remembered with very few people around me even speaking English.  After hearing the Gary Raikes leadership speech I new this was the only ‘party’ that had any chance of changing the political and social environment which is slowly poisoning our country and never making any progressive step forward.  I grew up around North Harrow and worked many years around London and saw it change rapidly.  I have seen churches converted to Mosques, traditional English shops close and get taken over by Asian shops.  As one white person in the street moved out an Asian family moved in.  Now I can find it hard to spot a white person there where it used to be the other way around and hard to spot a black or Asian person.  These people have suddenly appeared, but from where?  They are now entering our local government and in many areas they control they are pushing their religions in schools and banning the use of the English flag.  Yet we are told not to be raciest and we have to respect these people’s rights.  A fire has to be put out when it is small, before it becomes a blazing inferno.  In Britain we have a blazing inferno that is spreading and soon will be virtually impossible to put out without drastic steps.


Here in Singapore we have a multi- cultural society that works as there is a happy balance kept on numbers and people are told which race they can sell there house to in order to prevent one racial group taking over a particular area.  You may say that is taking people’s rights away but sometimes rights have to be taken away for the common good, which has the result of benefiting all. 


For a country all but invisible on a globe, Singapore is surprisingly visible despite its land area of only 680 sq km.  One of the economic superstars of Asia, this small country has transformed itself from Third world to First world in a span of less than three decades; its economic success is marketed as being phenomenal and largely free of the societal ills and problems that have plagued development in the West.


What is significant about Singapore is not simply that it functions as an allegory and model of advanced capital, but that this essentially fascist model is being exported to other developing countries.


If one reframes fascism as a set of practices rather than a mere formal political category, one can conceptualize fascism as a politics of vision-vision as in a long range goal (such as the thousand year Reich) as well as in the optical sense, for fascism is an utopic discourse which achieves control of the masses through the calculated construction of the visible (think light shows, mass displays, monumental architecture, surveillance etc.).


The People's Action Party (PAP) has been Singapore's ruling political party since 1959. The Singapore Peoples Party (SPP), Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) and The Workers Party are the opposition but with really little effect, winning only a few seats in government.  In the 2011 Singapore general election, the PAP won 81 of the 87 constituency elected (99 total) seats in the Parliament of Singapore while receiving 60.14% of total votes cast, the lowest share garnered since independence.


Since the 1963 general elections, the PAP has dominated Singapore's parliamentary democracy and has been central to the city-state's rapid political, social, and economic development. However, it has been criticised for the passing of laws that suppress free speech and other civil liberties. 


Although not admitted, just by doing a little research it can be seen that Lee Kuan Yew the first Prime Minister of Singapore and co-founder of the People’s Action Party, formed his party on fascist principles and even took their logo from the British Union of Fascists (See image below) 

Many of Lee Kuan Yew’s speeches resemble those that can be found in Hitler’s Mein Kampf.  Lee Kuan Yew was educated at the University of Cambridge were he read law.  This is most likely where his political ambitions started and where he became familiar with Fascist principles.  From my own observations the PAP have been so successful in Singapore as they have taken complete control of the media and prevented the freedom of speech and protest, despite it being in the constitution.  You can have a protest if you get a permit from the government beforehand but it would very rarely be granted and definitely not for any political motivated rally or protest.  They even have a camera watching ‘speakers corner’ (yes we have one here in Singapore) which they say is for the safety of any speaker, but we all know otherwise.  The PAP have a track record of suing any person who speaks up against the government and many opposition party leaders have been virtually made bankrupt and forced out of politics for standing against the government.  Is this harsh?  Most people here think not and fully support the actions of the PAP as their policies have been working and making Singapore prosperous. 


It is rather like a parent watching over a child.  As a parent you do not allow your child everything they want, you only allow them what is good for them and do not let them take things for granted, but realise the value of things.  Unfortunately the British society with the increasing interference of Brussels believes in the giving of people’s rights.  I was shocked to see on a TV program called ‘Boarder Patrol’ a case were an illegal immigrant who committed a crime was due to be sent back to his country, but appealed to the European Court as he had got a British woman pregnant and therefore had a right to a family, He was therefore allowed to stay in Britain.  For one he should have lost all his right when he entered Britain illegally and anyone who commits a crime should also lose their rights until his sentence is served.  Now all you need to do if you enter the UK illegally is lose your passport, as then the authorities cannot send you out of the country again.  There is something wrong here if you ask me, but it goes to show how obsessed we are with peoples rights, becoming like a parent who gives their child everything, with the effect of the child always taking everything for granted and never putting back into society, just thinking of themselves. 


The New British Union I believe needs to be that parent and with enough support can easily do it.  The whole structure of British politics needs to change and new powers obtained.  There is little separation of powers in Singapore, as the government have control of the courts, although again not admitted it is obvious to see from various events that have hit the media here.  Unfortunately as Singapore has become prosperous the Singapore leaders (especially the Lee family) have given themselves big pay cheques and formed companies that take all the government contracts.  Singapore is the smallest country in the world, but it leaders are the highest paid.  The people are starting to vote now against the PAP as they see the country is not a rich mans play ground where the rich can easily be seen the get richer and the poor poorer.  This in my opinion is due to the PAP moving away from their fascist roots and becoming focused on riches and power.  Historically this is what caused the collapse of most other great powers.  As fascists we must stay focused to the cause and not be out to seek power and riches.  We must stay loyal to our leader and trust in his vision and work for the common goal.  We therefore must have out policies clearly laid out and stick to then rigidly for the common good of all.  We must constantly listen to the needs of our people, as a parent would listen to a child, but only give where it we have benefit to the common good of the majority.  It is important to preserve our national identity and anyone wishing to enter our country must be bound by our values and not pollute then with outside influences and religions.  Religions must not be used as a political outlet or indoctrination.  Religion should be kept out of school and replaced with a national pledge and teaching national identity.  We should be swearing allegiance to the country everyday and proudly displaying our flag in all buildings and central places for all to see.  If you do not like our rule or feel you can live by our rules, then do not enter out country.  We have become too soft, too worried about upsetting anyone’s feelings or being called racists.  Protecting our national identity cannot be construed as racism.  We can lean a lot from the success of the People’s Action Party here in Singapore, the things that worked and the things that are causing it to lose the support of the people.  Unfortunately the class society of Britain still rules and we need to bring some of the more wealthy and influential into our ranks.  Only once people see we can make a difference will they start joining our ranks in numbers that make a difference.  The PAP started with very few members but stood by their beliefs and eventually succeeded.  As with the PAP we need to find the right moment to make our move, but not leave it too late either.  Every comrade, as our leader rightly tells us, must work tirelessly to recruit more members.  Just think how well multilevel marketing works, it is in this way we must swell out numbers.  Let people know what our product is and how it can improve their quality of life and environment.  The success of the PAP has been a great education for me and convinced me that the fascist principles that made Singapore such a strong and effective society can work just as well in Britain.  I do not agree with all the PAP policies, but there is much we can learn from, as well as other Fascist attempt for change in our own history.  Most importantly we must find ways of changing peoples ideas of Fascism and see that we are a credible alternative to the antiquated politics of the present Britain.