From peoples power shall arise people’s justice



Shall the great rogues of the present system go scot free in the hour of New British Union triumph? Shall those who have battened on the people and sold the people escape the people’s justice? The answer is They Shall Not.


Their treachery and their corruption demands justice and shall meet it. The financial racketeer, the politician whose career has served, not their country but their personal gain, the traitor in a hundred ways to the peoples cause; all of these shall meet justice at last. Clean courts of people’s justice will be created to reveal all their foul transactions to the sterilising light of day and to pass judgement upon them.


An honest opponent, who has fought in a manly and decent fashion for their beliefs, we can respect and will never injure. Those whose career to the best of their ability and according to their beliefs has served the notion without thought of personal gain has nothing to fear from New British Union when their obsolete cause goes down before the resurgent revolution.


To a Briton who has an honest character and has been a clean fighter we will always, in British fashion extend the hand of fellowship when we have beaten them. But to the jackals of a putrescent system NBU will be relentless and merciless.


Facts will then be bought to light which are partly known to many already, but are hidden from the people as a whole by the machinery of the system. Their system of ‘justice’, their machinery of the law deal with the small transgressor, but the great find shelter from justice.


People’s justice and people’s law will deal with great and small alike. Then all things will be known and at last will be revealed to the people. Mighty on that day will be their wrath and justice shall be done.


Let the rats of this system not think that any land will safely shelter them, or any sewers of the world provide them with refuge.  For revolution sweeps across the earth and will overtake them in the furthest cranny that the fugitive criminal can reach.

The victory of NBU will seal the doom of their world power. The British people, will not like the previous resurgent peoples, have to watch their enemies grimacing at their native land from behind the security of an alien frontier. When the last stronghold of corruption has fallen before the assault of this greatest of people all mankind will follow in the march to the new world.


So to the putrescence we say today ‘beware’ Britain will have no mercy on you and the world will find you no refuge. The cleansing flame shall pursue you to the uttermost ends of the earth. You shall go swiftly to the retribution to which slowly and cruelly you have driven thousands of better, if not poorer, men.


From peoples power shall arise people’s justice. At long last right shall triumph in Britain and over the earth.