Saturday October 5th saw an historic event take place in historic surroundings. Phoenix day, the first official gathering of New British Union Officers heralding the return of the Blackshirts back into the UK.


The conference was open by NBU Head of security, John Ryan, framed by flash and circle banners and the party standard John welcomed officers, members and guests from around the country, from the far North of Scotland to the South west of England comrades had came together for the first time.


Copies of the NBU constitution and policy document were handed out before Policies officer Andy Blackhouse took the podium. As this is now a comprehensive document it was proposed that members accept the policies with the provision that after reading through it any proposals for changes etc be put to Andy who has full authority to make the decision on whether to implement the change or not for the benefit of the movement.


The first guest speaker followed NBU’s policy officer. A leading representive from the Federation of Nationalists and Patriots. He gave a stirring speech about the rise of the right across Europe and how the Federation is working to bring ‘nationalist’ parties together to work for the common good of all. NBU are proud to join this Federation and will be sending a delegate to their up coming meeting in Europe. We hope to put a full copy of this speech up on the website later.


NBU National Officers Rep, Richard Payne, sporting black shirt and kilt gave a brief talk on discipline and the chain of command. He talked about his experience when in the BNP of the destructive backstabbing and gossip that helped destroy morale and the party itself and how that will not be allowed to happen to NBU.


The conference then broke for dinner. A selection of hot food was laid on and well enjoyed by all the delegates. A big thank you to members Barry and wife for all the work they put in keeping all fed and refreshed.


After lunch delegates had the chance to hear from the second guest speaker who had been part of Mosley’s ‘Union Movement’ back in the sixties. He spoke of his experience and thoughts on the state of nationalism in today’s Britain, finishing by wishing NBU every success for the future.


John Ryan, who had kept things running as smooth as possible all day talked about security issues and made his final introduction as he urged members to stand up and salute as the leader took to the podium.


This was the first time many of us have met or heard the leader speaking in person; we were not to be disappointed. It was a morale lifting speech that outlined what the NBU is all about and where it hopes to go. The reasoning behind the ‘people not politicians’ slogan and the fight with the political class and their sham democracy, “You are the people, we are the people, we stand with and for the people”.


On what British fascism is, “You decide what British Fascism is or is not, the people here in this room, the people who have the courage to stand up and be counted, you the people who have the courage to wear the black shirt and only you have earned that right.”


On elections and plans for the future, “You either win a seat or you don’t, there is no second prize, nothing to be gained from almost beating someone who came in third, we will stand when we can win”.


And on when we do win, “NBU candidates will pledge to take an average working wage, we will not interact with any politicians at Westminster, we will set up constituency food banks and drop in centres not offices full of expensive equipment staffed by relatives acting as researchers, we will give all we can back to the people that vote us in”


On uniform and structure, “We wear uniform to separate us completely from the political elite, we are not going to be just another suit and tie with a different colour rosette as we have no wish to be associated with parasites or class”


” You officers, you are all leaders, leaders in your district or home town, and like officers in the Army you have to make decisions, you take responsibility, you lead the way, where brave men lead others will follow”.


The conditioning of the general public, the use of key-words, demonstrations, the need to adapt, all and more were touched on and you will hopefully see on video in the near future, but if you really wanted to hear why the NBU is anything but ‘a flash in the pan party’ as stated by our enemies, you should have been there with us on phoenix day!


Hail Britannia