Unlike some organisations, who exist solely in cyber-space, social network sites are a small part of NBU overall strategy. We should not fall into the trap of thinking that sites like Facebook are that important, they are not. They are just one way of reaching people. To put that into perspective while we may reach hundreds of people on Facebook our website is visited by thousands everyday, July’s figure of individual visitors was just under half a million! This month is already on the way to that number in less than two weeks.

This stresses the importance of our sticker and poster campaign, simple eye catching logos pointing people to the NBU site works. We can follow this in the office as we see increase in memberships in areas where campaigns have been carried out.

So, as great as it is to have support on here, what we really require is for more of you to get out putting up posters and leafleting. If you cant do that then maybe you could donate to enable us to purchase material for those that can. Every penny raised is spent on propaganda for operation Citadel and towards building strongholds.