History is written, not so much by the victors, but by those who control the means of communication. And so for the last seventy years liberals, socialists and communists have spewed out their hatred of British Fascism and all it has stood for in the trade’s union-funded newsletters and websites, the school textbooks, the university journals, the academic works, the popular novels, the songs, the newspapers, the magazines, the television documentaries, and even, the Hollywood movies.

This has made our task difficult but not impossible; the truth will always break through the barrage of lies as long as we remain steadfast under fire. The first truth on the path to enlightenment is that liberalism leads to persecution. Remove the smiling mask from a liberal and you will see a face snarling with satanic hatred of all that makes us British.

It is the liberal political elite that is our enemy and the enemy of all hard working decent law abiding people, it is the liberal socialists and communists who make up the anti-British UAF-Hope not Hate-Searchlight thugs that attack not only us but the Police Service who enforce the laws made by the political elite. I have been dismayed to see the verbal attacks from some EDL members against the Police, make no mistake the police are the thin blue line between the forces of anarchy and the order of civilised society. These ‘patriots’ need to look at their behaviour and how it confirms to the stereotype it portrays.

To imagine that any extremism can be combated by demonstrations that mostly result in EDL v UAF v Police is at the very least misguided. Walking drunkenly down a street chanting e-e-edl is not going to effect Islamic extremism one jot.

Anything from 40-60% of people no longer vote, they have simply given up on politics and politicians and feel they are not represented by any party or movement. These are the people that hold the future of Britain in their hands; these are the people we need to reach. But acting like football fans or indeed Eton Toffs will not attract them. People want honesty, decency, strength, fairness, and real leadership with law-abiding honourable and loyal comrades to represent them, they want People not Politicians and that is what NBU and only NBU can offer them.

Discipline, dedication, direction Blackshirts have it all, the real march starts here, help us build the fascist future, the only real alternative, help us reach the people with the truth and break through 70 years of lies.