NBU have launched 'Operation Citadel' in a second city as before it has been chosen for location, size of population, ethnic make up, amenities, political history, etc.

The NBU Divisional Officer for the area will be running an extensive recruitment campaign in the City over the next few weeks to establish a Fascist cell with the long term intention of infiltrating every council, community group, society, project and club. At the same time an NBU Action unit will be formed to target the city with a continuous rolling propaganda campaign. This will be the lead up to Blackshirts holding public meetings giving people the chance to meet us and ask questions to find out the truth about fascism for themselves.

By sinking roots into our communities we will have voices that can combat the liberal Marxists that infest every committee making decisions that effect us all. One strong voice can encourage others, a beacon of common-sense in meeting rooms throughout the area putting an end to political correctness, voices speaking for the silent majority to establish our second stronghold.

This comrades is the quiet revolution, dedicated men and women working in the background laying the very foundations of our future success. While other movements exist only in cyber-space or waste all their time and effort fighting unwinable elections NBU are busy working in the real world. Action talks louder than words and as Britain’s only serious Fascist movement it is only NBU that is making a noise!

To hear full details about this exciting operation book your free ticket for conference, Preston 12-10-14 email secretary@newbritishunion.co.uk

Hail Victory

Gary Raikes