Revolution comes from the homes of the people. New British Union comes from the homes of the people. Revolutions are not lightly or easily made. They are the growth of years of sacrifice and struggle. They grow from the streets and the homes of the people under the leadership of selfless thousands, who dedicate themselves utterly to a cause beyond self.


For the new world of revolution is won neither by wishing for it nor merely by talking about it. Still less can it be gained in the pallid realm of sterile intellectual theory. Revolution comes from the heart and soul of a people that has learned to live and to feel again, and to feel greatly.


That is why NBU is an organisation of the street, whose battles are waged in the homes of the people that such feeling and such will to greatness may live again. Let those who are with us waste no time in idle talk and discussion. Let Britons work for Revolution.


The means of that work is ready to the hand in NBU, they may work in an action teams, carrying the new faith to all the streets in the collective propaganda of British Union comradeship. They may work as individuals responsible for the leadership of a definite block of houses in the streets of great cities or the villages of the countryside.


For this is the ‘steel machine’ of Revolution without which the will to Revolution is frustrated. The leadership of the devoted individual on the streets converts the people to the cause of British Revolution. That same leadership at all decisive moments rallies the mind and the will of the people who, scattered and unorganised, would be helpless; thus shall be expressed the peoples will. That same leadership, in the hour of NBU triumph, will lead the people in their own homes and streets in the sacred task of building a greater Britain.


Thus we build not merely for an hour or a day, or for the struggle of a few elections. The machine of our British Revolution is something deeply different from the machine of the old parties and the methods of sham democracy. It needs to be different, for the establishments old parties work to keep things as they are; they are ever the guardians of corruption and of decadence.


NBU on the other hand in whole aim, policy, and constitution, stands not merely for revolutionary change in Government and economic system, but for that profound and permanent revolution of the soul and spirit without which the nation cannot be redeemed to greatness.


To win in the people that revolution of the spirit not for today or tomorrow but for all time is the task of NBU’s ‘steel machine’.


To this great end the machine of NBU Revolution is designed to provide on their streets and in their homes a permanent leadership of the people, first in the winning of NBU, and later in the building of the peoples state. That leadership of the streets is as proud a destiny as man or woman has ever borne, even in the proud history of the British race.


For these men and women shall be the friends and the trustees of the people in the struggle and in triumph. They shall bring Revolution from the homes of the people. They have lit and, in gathering strength, they shall kindle the cleansing flame till it sweeps throughout the land.


Already the fiery force of our revolution drives together the dark hordes of corruption in huddled panic. Tomorrow it shall overwhelm them, and from the blaze of this passion shall be born the soul of Britain.