As has become unfortunately obvious in light of recent events in London, where a serving British soldier was brutally butchered in a British street in broad daylight, and the increased threat of extremist violence in nearly every town and city in this land, it is becoming obvious that the major threat to our country, families and way of life is not from any foreign land, but from within our borders.

Despite the sound bites of the so-called "main parties" it is blatantly obvious that they cannot protect the British people in their own homeland.


There are many reasons for this.

  1. The intelligence services and police are incapable of fighting this battle on equal terms with the extremists due to stringent restrictions forced upon them by politicians and a totally out of touch judiciary.
  2. The law-abiding citizenry of this country are afraid of reporting concerns for fear of being branded a bigot or a fascist.
  3. Our world leading experts in counter terrorism and internal security are tied up in foreign lands, fighting wars with that are of no concern to this country but purely in the interests of the political classes and the merchant banks.
  4. Deliberate lies and misinformation from the politicians as to the real threat this country faces from dissidents already ensconced in British communities and the failure to apprehend and expel such "terror cells" quickly.

To counteract this threat, we must introduce the following policies:

  1. Ensure the British judiciary act purely in the British interest without any foreign interference.
  2. Re introduce true free speech in this nation where any citizen can express his concerns or issues without the threat of media assassination or being labelled.
  3. Get our lads home! Our defence forces to remain in our country. Only when a direct threat to this nation or one of our dependencies occurs should our armed services be deployed abroad.
  4. Use the extremely skilled experts currently working in foreign lands for foreign governments to root out all enemies of our way of life and imprison or expel them before any citizen is hurt or injured in any way. Prevention is better than cure!!

Surely the whole remit of our defence forces must be that they defend the British first and last. We must stop fighting other countries wars for them, sacrificing British blood for the wealth and power of politicians and merchant banks that are totally indifferent to the welfare of our nation.


Paul Burke.

NBU defence officer