Put Britain First

There are many people who unfortunately do not seem to be able to understand that it is not because immigrants are foreigners, black, white or brown that we protest against them, but because they constitute a further menace to our peoples chances of obtaining employment and housing.

I cannot understand any Briton feeling a genuine concern and sympathy for people of foreign lands, who speak a different language to ours, whose characteristics we cannot understand, and whose problems we have not been to see for ourselves.

However I am assured that bleeding heart liberals can and therefore will not argue with their statements. But if they are are stirred sufficiently to help these people who mean little or nothing to them, how much more should the continued distress and poverty of their own fellow countrymen arouse them into a protest against these conditions in this country, and how much more enthusiastic should be their efforts for the building of a land more worthy of the fine people whose heritage it is.

Those idealist among you who want to put the world right, start with your own land and show to other countries a fine example in Britain reborn. Loving your own folk does not mean you hate others, it is time for some people to stop their self-loathing, strengthen their spines and take pride in their country.

Gary Raikes