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far as I'm concerned, in politics you need to develop a thick skin to take the obligatory expected abuse.

But one thing that does still irritate me slightly is when people throw around the word "racist" willy-nilly in the most inappropriate fashion. Sometimes it can add amusement, as often the person screaming "racist" is ironically being racist themselves by using the word in the context they are.

But mostly it irritates me as it's being used that often in the most odd and bizarre situations that it's losing itís meaning completely.

If you criticize monstrous actions performed by followers of Islam, for example, the far-left will call you "racist" for criticising it. Can they not see the irony? Islam is a religion, not a race. Any race can be part of that religion be they black, white or Arab.

So by calling people "racist" for criticising Islam they themselves are being racist by insinuating only one race follows Islam. It just boggles the mind doesn't it?
I also dislike the disrespectful way in which it is used. Racist attacks are a form of bullying, and we condemn blind spiteful hatred. Victims of racism experience trauma and the most degrading and frightening mental anguish, sometimes physical attacks leaving them with both physical and emotional scars for life.

So by throwing the term "racist" around; using it as a weapon to silence political opposition or to avoid engaging in civilized discussion you are spitting on those real, genuine victims.

It is not racist to engage in civilized discussion. It is not racist to point out that multi-culturalism has failed and subsequent segregation itís caused has led to needless bloodshed. It is not racist to state genocide is wrong whether it is by bullet or by forced out-breeding.

It is not racist to acknowledge certain cultures are incompatible with each other. It is not racist to want distinct cultures to retain their individualism and remain distinct.

It is not racist to say that equal rights should mean just that; equal. Is it racist to criticize how in this country it's one law for the indigenous, and another law for others? Or is it racist of the government to say that animal cruelty is wrong. Unless you're a Muslim then it's okay? Is that equality? Is it racist to point out that animal cruelty is wrong regardless of whom you are?

It is not racist to ask these questions and broaden our minds to try and gain an understanding of what is wrong in this country and why we're having the problems society is facing today. It is infact the only way we'll ever find a way to solve these problems.

Racism is the politics of hate. Myself, I am in the politics of love. I love culture, all cultures. I love learning about them and reading about them. I don't want any culture to become diluted or extinct just because someone says it's "racist" not to want pubs on the street of India or brutal Halal torture chambers for animals on the streets of Yorkshire.

So the next time someone's views differ from your own; why not ask these questions, or try to answer a few of them in an intelligent & mature manner? Violence & immature blind hostility will get you or us nowhere.


In union


Tommy Tyerman

Divisional Officer Bassetlaw