Leaders New Year message

All movements are made up of followers as well as members most, however, focus on gaining members, charging them an annual fee for the 
privilege of belonging to their party and ignore the followers.NBU is different, we do not charge any membership fees and do our best to keep all supporters informed and up to date with events.

Over the last two years we have built up our membership and out of that formed a core that will take the movement forward. In 2015 we will concentrate our efforts on gaining followers, people who do not want to join or be active but support our aims. To do this we must step up our propaganda, to educate and inform will be our watchword.

We have a great young graphics officer producing sterling work to be spread on social media. We will be sending out regular press releases to over 600 press contacts, we will continue to focus on our citadels at a local level and this year we will be attending events hosted by other patriotic movements with NBU literature and merchandise. we are also planning to hold flash demos made up of uniformed members to exploit publicity opportunities.

Every single member can play their part in 2015 by ordering propaganda packs, writing to newspapers, commenting on line, printing off literature, sending in email addresses of interested friends and colleagues for us to contact , donating or just spreading the word by mouth, anything that gets our message out to the public.

As we have recently stated we will be hosting a 'unity' event in 2015, over 15 groups have been invited to attend so far, more will be invited over the next few days. The more open minded of these will consult their members and at least enter into talks, those that don't will simply fade into insignificance fighting the same old battles in the same old way getting the same old results.

So, out with the old and in with the new, a very happy New Year to you all.

Gary Raikes