New Fascist revolution


Fascism comes not to participate in the party game but to end party strife and to sink the quarrel of factions in a new national unity. The nation and the interest of the community as a whole stand above every interest and section within the present state.


We seek in fact to establish a new morality of service to the nation. The winning of a system so opposed to that which prevails today of course means a revolutionary change. But Fascist revolution is national revolution, not the struggle of class or of faction for mastery. For the first time revolution is combined with patriotism.


NBU hold that true patriotism combines love of country with a relentless determination to bring revolutionary changes, which shall adopt modern Britain to modern fact. We seek revolutionary changes by legal and constitutional means, with the willing consent of the people. Fascism alone can bring the changes which are necessary in the 21st century, because fascism alone employs the methods by which orderly changes can be secured.


All the great instruments of action, such as leadership, authority, discipline, loyalty, have been derided and rejected by the political class. Individual responsibility has been destroyed and leadership has skulked behind the irresponsible indecision of verbose and quarrelsome committees. The whole democratic conception of party and of government has been so designed that by no possible chance can any man on any occasion ever take a decision and act. As a result politics in practice, has consisted of promises in Opposition and of betrayal and flight from responsibility in Government.


Only Fascism combines the great principles of life and action, Fascism stands for revolutionary change, but it employs the instruments by which the necessary changes can be effected with order and authority. Leadership, loyalty, discipline, decision are the instruments by which NBU will carry through the changes that shall end poverty and suffering and lift Britain to a pinnacle among the nations of the world.


Gary Raikes