New British Union political uniforms a statement.


As the only movement that stands openly against sham democracy we have no wish to emulate the political class, we are different and will be seen to be different. We consider it our right as a Fascist organisation based on voluntary discipline to wear political uniform if we so desire.


In keeping with the 1936 Public Order Act at the present uniforms will be only worn in private meetings or at private events. We intend to challenge this outdated attack on our personal liberty as we believe it to be an Act passed solely to stop the progress of the BUF in the Thirty’s and not to tackle the problem of public disorder as this has long since been proven to have been caused by communist agitators.


New British Union also in keeping with the 1936 Public Order Act are not nor ever will be;


(A) Organised or trained or equipped for the purpose of enabling them to be employed in usurping the functions of the police or of the armed forces of the Crown; or

(B) Organised and trained or organised and equipped either for the purpose of enabling them to be employed for the use or display of physical force in promoting any political object, or in such manner as to arouse reasonable apprehension that they are organised and either trained or equipped for that purpose.


The wearing of uniform does not make us a quasi-military organization any more than it does the Salvation Army or the boy scouts. It merely separates us from the old failed establishment parties and a political elite that the majority no longer trusts to govern the country for the true benefit of its people.


Gary Raikes


The quest for an answer begins


After contacting civil servants who ‘couldn’t help’ I contacted my MP and MSP both couldn’t help so I contacted The Cabinet Secretary for Justice in Scotland who, you guessed it couldn’t help, so I contacted the Chief Constable of Police Scotland, see below;


Dear Sir,


I have been advised by Kenny MacAskill MSP Cabinet secretary for Justice to contact you as Chief Constable of Police Scotland for definitive advice on the following;

Public Order Act 1936


An Act to prohibit the wearing of uniforms in connection with political objects and the maintenance by private persons of associations of
military or similar character; and to make further provision for the preservation of public order on the occasion of public processions and
meetings and in public places. [18th December 1936.]

1. -(1) Subject as hereinafter provided, any person in any public place or at any public meeting wears uniform signifying his association with any political organisation or with, the promotion of any political object shall be guilty of an offence. Provided that, if the chief officer of police is satisfied that the wearing of any such uniform as aforesaid on any ceremonial, anniversary, or other special occasion will not be likely to involve risk of public disorder, he may, with the consent of a Secretary of State, by order permit the wearing of such uniform on that occasion either absolutely or subject to such conditions as may be specified in the order.

I have had no luck getting an answer from MP or MSP re if the Human Rights Act has in fact overturned the ban on wearing of political uniform in Britain as a breach of said Act. Until I can get a definitive answer to that particular issue however would I be correct in saying that if the wearing of uniform in public would not involve risk of public disorder that you could permit the wearing of such uniform as the Act stands?

While we have no plans to parade in uniform at this time as a movement that believes in Law and Order and fully supports the Police Service I wish to ensure that we remain within the law if/when the occasion arises.


Gary Raikes
Leader New British Union


The reply

This came from the assistant Chief Constable and yet again advised me to seek independent legal advice as to if this order is in breach of our human rights. Civil servants, MSP, MP, Cabinet secretary for Justice and now the Assistant Chief Constable all seem to have no idea.

However he went on to say; “In relation to your enquiry about the wearing of items of political uniform in public, I can confirm that if Police Scotland receives a complaint of behavior which appears to amount to a criminal contravention of the Public Order Act 1936, it will investigate and deal with it as appropriate. That action might include arrest and/or charge and the submission of a report to the Procurator Fiscal”.

So if they receive a complaint and we appear to break the law they might arrest us!

Ahh, well that’s perfectly clear then.


On to Westminster


I then contacted the Westminster office for Human rights, they said it would be put to committee; no time, date or outcome has ever been forth coming despite numerous emails. Other NBU Officers also sent emails, none received a reply.


Over to the European Parliament



This brings us up to today where the quest to obtain whether the ban on the wearing of political uniform in public, is in breach of the human rights act or not, has now reached the European Commissioner for Human Rights.


The liberal elite are quick to jump to the defence of Muslims who wish to wear full face veil stating that in Britain everyone has the right to wear what they like as this is a sign of a tolerant society. Their tolerance does not extend to their fellow British citizens though it would seem.


The wearing of uniform is of paramount importance to British Fascism; it sets us apart from the political class and the establishment whom we have no wish to emulate. It reinforces discipline, structure, strengthens the chain of command and ensures we remain a classless movement. All reasons why the establishment banned it in the first place, nothing to do with keeping public order, it was the communists who were responsible for disorder by violently attacking Blackshirts and the police. If anything it was the communists and their off-spring today’s anti-free speech UAF that should be banned for it is they that caused public disorder then and continue to do so now.


NBU will carry on the fight to get this unjust act overturned we will march on our streets once again. A movement of people not politicians that will take our country back.


We have yet to hear back from the European Commissioner and quite frankly don’t know where we go from here. Maybe after exhausting all the ‘democratic’ and legal channels we will just announce we intend to march in full uniform, as we believe it to be our right and get on with it.