NBU want those who search for adventure, we want power for the people; the weak will follow the strong. The people demand a government entrusted with a task and which has the power to act. The government must be able to introduce fresh capital at low interest rates for the modernisation of industry and increased production. The jobs of British workers must be protected from foreign low wage nations.

The old parties have muddled generations into the crisis of war and lay waste the power and glory of our land. Their hands are stained with blood and innumerable disasters; our flag is slipping down into dust and dishonour.

The fatuous Marxist liberal nonsense must be dynamited out of the minds of the old politicians. NBU policy aims at building the home market with purchasing power high enough to absorb the production of the modern machine. Must every worker in Britain have to wait for higher wages and employment until socialism comes to every Hottentot in Africa?

NBU are fighting so that a great land may live. We shall give to the people a new movement, an alternative faith capable of winning mass support. Existing politicians, institutions and organisations cannot cope with the coming crisis. The existing order is bound to collapse. The present political system is corrupt and oppressive. Revolutionary changes are necessary to correct the failure of existing men, ideas and institutions. NBU will build a much-needed new movement of Renaissance, a movement of people not politicians.


This will take courage in the first part, discipline, dedication and direction in the second. This is something that only the Blackshirt leadership has to offer, comradeship, purpose, valour, loyalty and hope are what the movement has to offer to all those that don the black shirt and march with us.


Hail Britannia


Gary Raikes