NBU have a different approach

Once again the nationalist/patriot movement in Britain is busy tearing itself apart while across Europe it is making considerable head-way. The nationalist political parties NF and BNP are both in crisis and split into factions, the newer micro parties have failed to make any impact what so ever being steam-rolled by UKIP. The anti-Islam street movements (and there are many) are now fighting amongst themselves, BF v EDL as well as fighting the NF & BNP. This is all down to lack of any real leadership, a lack of direction and most of all a lack of any discipline.

I understand peoples frustration but they are being caught up in a negative downward spiral. There will not be any winners only losers from all this strife. I have no intentions of becoming embroiled in this sad spectacle of who attacked who, he said – I said scaremongering, I only wish to offer an alternative, NBU have a different approach, a positive long term strategy known as ‘the quiet revolution’ implicated under ‘Operation Citadel’. This is a real grass-roots campaign that requires dedication to our cause, positive action opposed to the disappointment regularly doled out to patriots is the key to success. Whatever group you are a member of makes no difference, you can remain with them and still work with NBU. If you are serious about making change in your community then why not find out more.

Contact secretary@newbritishunion.co.uk for your info pack.

Contact member@newbritishunion.co.uk to reserve a free ticket for NBU conference being held on12th October, where a full presentation on Operation Citadel will be given.