NBU Nationalism

Our opponents in their absurd folly have even gone to the lengths of solemnly declaring that the nationalism that we preach is in itself alien to the characteristics of the people, they have persuaded themselves, and try to persuade others, that nebulous internationalism is more in keeping with our characteristics. they would with text and sermon change the course of life set by nature and followed by man since his creation.

Our instincts from birth develop themselves along national lines. The very circumstances of our birth being more than anything a determining factor. The differences in temperament, outlook and character, are not differences created by man, but barriers erected by nature. The African is unlike the European not because he wishes to be so but because he is so. Nature designed the African and the European, designed them to live in different lands with different climates, different ways of living and different characteristics.

If this is true, what could be more natural than the fact that we should have a deep affection for those who live as we live, think as we think and be imbued with our spirit. Our greatest love is for those who are in our home, for our relatives and our immediate circle of friends.

We have the spiritual urge to be nationalistic. The desire to add splendour to the record that the pages of history expose for our edification. Surely a man must be devoid of all finer feelings if he is unmoved by the spectacle of a small island rising by its own efforts, by the valour, the nobleness, the industry of its people; rising until it had brought into one great commonwealth a third of the earths surface.

The glory that is ours is ours only by inheritance and we are indeed faithless trustees if we find no joy in our heritage. if our hearts do not warm to the task, adding even greater triumphs to the glories of the past. Our nationalism is not something vague that merely attaches itself for visible expression to symbols. it is something spiritual with a very real concrete expression. A nationalism that embraces not merely the territory we live in, but also every citizen who, by virtue of their birth, is entitled to protection and assistance from fellow nationals.

Finally, to those who declare that our nationalism breeds racial hatred, let me reply with these words. There are some who have sought to buy our rights of citizenship, our wealth and our land. They think that these things can be bought and sold for gold. They are wrong. For every square inch of our land was bought with the blood of our ancestors. Every foot of land is covered with a Briton who gave his life. And what in the final balance can gold avail against flesh and blood. This land is ours, not because it was bought by us or any other in gold, but because through the centuries there have been fine nationals who paid for the land they loved with their dearest possession. The time is coming when we may have to follow in their footsteps, the question is, are you ready?

Gary Raikes