Working for a Fascist stronghold in 2017

A meeting held at NHQ on the weekend has finalised stage three of NBU progress. Titled 'operation stronghold' it outlines our electoral route aims and purpose.

This like all NBU practice has been planned with military strategy. We have identified a council ward in Scotland where we will stand three Blackshirt candidates in 2017. Local elections in Scotland are fought using the transferable vote system not first past the post. We will concentrate all our efforts in this ward for two and a half years to build a stronghold of new fascism in Britain.

The New British Union candidate will not emulate the fatuous figure cut by the old gang candidate, they must however be known and trusted by the electorate, and for practical reasons their names must be shouted from the rooftops. Their names must be known for good reasons for it is against their name that the electors cross must be marked on the voting paper.

We have witnessed in the past in spite of all the propaganda and careful instructions hundreds of votes are spoilt or filled in in a senseless manner. We must see that every elector knows the candidates name and how to vote for that candidate.

Votes are not given because people have studied in-depth party programmes but mainly on trust and confidence, Labour gained fanatical support which it still holds in so many areas in spite of repeated betrayals because Labour candidates could say to the electorate “we are your own folk, we come from your own streets, we have lived your lives, we know your problems therefore trust us”. And they were trusted. The SNP have done the same thing and even when both parties let their supporters down they still get votes. As we have seen recently though things are changing.

Therefore Blackshirt candidates must know their constitutes problems and outlook as well as they do their own. We have made this resolve, we will start now, studying our target ward and our movements policy, getting involved in the community, holding public meetings and writing to all local newspapers, we will leaflet every household once every three months over the next two and a half years. By the time the election comes round every voter in the ward will know our candidates name and exactly where we stand. Every voter will know we are on their side and who to vote for, we will build a stronghold of Fascism.

However tough the fight we shall win, because we do not fight to put letters after our names or to inflate the vanity of pompous individuals, we fight as people not politicians. We stand side by side with the people firmly against the establishment parasites.

We drew up a list of ten actions that would be required, all will be put into practice by the end of June 2014.

1/ Select ward. We have chosen a target ward in Scotland near to our NHQ and where two of our candidates have stood before.

2/ Select candidates. We have chosen candidates that are fully conversant with local issues and known to a number of voters already.

3/ Allocate personnel. Speakers, canvassers, meeting organisers are all on hand at NHQ

4/ Allocate funds. It is free to stand in local elections, all funds we can raise will be used for printing posters, leaflets and mail shots.

5/ Prepare election address and other printed matter. Again NHQ is on hand to assist.

6/ Envelope addressing. NBU Nomination Officer will have the electoral role to work on at NHQ

7/ Prepare list of meeting rooms. NBU Secretary will be responsible for ensuring our right to book rooms as a registered political party are respected and adhered to.

8/ Prepare an outline of campaign meetings indoors and outdoors. NBU Security will have responsibility for this.

9/ Obtain maps of ward. NHQ will mark maps with meeting halls, polling stations, sites for outdoor meetings and other purely electoral details.

10/ Prepare all leaflets and posters etc. Responsibility of NHQ and Graphics Officer.

This is a blue-print of fighting local elections, other regions may want to do likewise but only those that are prepared to put in at least one years hard work will be given the right to stand as Blackshirt candidates and get assistance from NHQ.

Gary Raikes