Mobilisation of the Blackshirts


New British Fascism is the voice of the nation, the logical development of a national consciousness. It is neither an abstract theory conceived in the mind of a philosopher, nor the dream of an idealist, but a living reality which has sprung from the hearts of the people.

Fascism is the expression of patriotism materialised in duty, and the task which lies before us is that of national construction. State sovereignty forms the foundation stone, but a nation should not be content with mere existence. It should be evolutionary, not static, aspiring always towards civilisation and culture.

The nation cannot be defined purely in terms of geography, history or ethnology, but rather in terms of Duty, Loyalty and Sacrifice. Our forefathers having built this country have left us this watchword, "Carry on".

Apathy is fatal; the destiny of our country rests with all loyal citizens throughout the realm. Our thoughts and actions must be governed by the ideas of patriotism.

Fascism is not reaction. It aims at the creation of a national will in order to ensure peace within the nation. It demands neither tyranny nor aggression but the mobilisation of individual responsibilities in the common interest of all.

If you are a patriot then you are Fascist, a person who wants the best for their country, and a person who wants the best for their country wants the best for their kith and kin.

Time to put aside any differences you may have, imagined or real, and join in one united effort, one movement under one leader, the mobilisation of the Blackshirts throughout Britain has begun, discipline, dedication and direction leads us on.

Gary Raikes