Message from NBU Leader to the ordinary members of the EDL

I think people from the EDL who bang on about how lucky we are to live in a democratic society and dismiss Fascism need to take a good look at just where that ‘democracy’ has got us.

Ex servicemen homeless sleeping on the streets, mass immigration, 2.5 million unemployed, hundreds of thousands on council home waiting lists, failing health care, failing schools, disappearing industry, pensioners freezing to death, families choosing between eating or heating, child poverty at an all time high, the return of TB and Rickets, criminals laughing at the police and judicial system, terrorists beheading people on the streets of London, empty churches, cultural ghettos, no go areas for Britons in their own country, laws made in Brussels, three or four political parties made up of and controlled by multi millionaire public school boy toffs, illegal wars, invasion of sovereign countries, rising cost of living, falling standard of living, increased suicide rate, high taxes, no hope no future no freedom!


In the western world the modern system that uses the term democracy has its roots in our British Parliament system. The reason western media promotes this as being the only form of government, is because it is so easily corruptible for their own purposes. The combination of this with television promotes an image of a candidate or politician that the media bosses want the masses to see, rather than the public seeing whom that candidate really is.

Marching against militant Islam will not change the system, the time, money, effort and passion of decent British people are being directed up a blind ally, the EDL has become a false flag operation, no more than an away day for the decent misguided majority and a money making scam for a dubious minority.

I am not having a go at the everyday supporter of the EDL, their passion and commitment is plain for all to see, but there is no real cohesion, no direction and no discipline in their ranks and thus no threat to the establishment and the political class what so ever. They want your demonstrations to continue, the police love the overtime, the publics attention is taken off the MP’s expenses and allowance scandals, the left have a common enemy to focus their attention on, it is a win-win situation for the establishment, nothing changes, nothing is threatened, sham democracy prevails and keeps you enslaved, and nothing will change until the system itself is changed.

I ask only one thing of you at this time, open your eyes and read the truth, take the time to see what we are actually saying, what we actually believe, what British Fascism is really all about. Fascism is so severely attacked and lied about by the establishment because they fear it. They fear it because it sounds the death toll for the political class and heralds a bright new dawn under the flash and circle for the people of Britain. You owe it to yourself and your comrades, to your kith and kin, to your country, understand new British Fascism and follow the path to enlightenment. People not politicians is much more than just a slogan, help us take the destiny of Britain back into the hands of its people; help us make Britain great again.

Hail Britannia

Gary Raikes