Last year I began to take an interest in the economic situation of Britain, I took a closer look at the political situation at the same time. The germ of distrust and fear was planted in by mind, and there it found a fertile soil. My ambitions began to fade, I saw no hope of progress with the good ship UK steered by a crew composed of out of touch toffs and traitors, rocked by the red wave of discontent, an also-ran in the race for the port of world supremacy.

Today, however, my ambitions have been renewed and my faith in Britain has increased, for I have seen the advent of a new force which will, I am confident, bring back our country to the peak of prosperity, strength for her tribulations, and triumph over her difficulties. My hopes have been rekindled by Fascism.

I was aware of the presence of new fascism in the world of political activity, but that was all. Like my friends I was totally dis-interested in politics at the time.  I did not agree with the communist element that infested my University in the midst of normally sane, healthy-minded people. I had and still have a supreme contempt for these mob-law anti-British reds.

And then arose the New British Union of Fascists. I was impressed and had several serious talks with a Fascist of my acquaintance. I was then convinced that it was my duty to join NBU and to try to persuade my friends to do likewise, I therefore dedicated myself to the cause and became a Fascist.

Although a member of only two months I am proud of the NBU and of its leader. Here in the North it is making progress, the first big meeting is due to take place in Lancashire soon, it is obvious to all patriotic and sensible Britons, and especially to our youth, that it is the only solution and will finally emerge triumphant to bring Britain to peace and prosperity once more.

Tom Atkins
NBU Youth Officer