A letter to the political class

If it is possible to pierce for one moment the thick hide of your hypocrisy, this article will have served its purpose. An appeal to ideas, a plea in the cause of justice and commonsense would leave you unmoved. But a threat to your own precious skin will earn an immediate response.
It is odd that you should be so concerned over your own skin when you have been so singularly uninterested in the fate of better folk than yourselves.

Ongoing wars are merely another field for your profiteering, for mouthing sickening platitudes and cheap lies, while better men than you were killing and being killed to keep you in power, a vote catching chance, an opportunity to wave the Union Flag in order to hide the three brass balls behind it.

Let us examine the legacy that you leave us, let us recall what debt of gratitude we owe. You have given us PROSPERITY. We have been taught that all men are equal. You have made it so. To the idle rich you have added the idle poor. You have allowed the craftsmen, who took pride in their work, to become as unfamiliar with toil as the playboys of Westminster. But you have added the extra insult of denying them the very means by which to live, you have not merely thrown them out of work you have imported cheap labour to replace them, you have denied them the right to work, the right to human dignity.

You have given us JUSTICE. You have taught us it is right for the speculator to gamble in the peoples vital supplies, in order to make profits for themselves. You have taught us that it is wrong for the destitute to steal in order to live.

Your creed is based on the survival of the slickest. It does not interest you that in the battle for supremacy a thousand men may be exploited for the enrichment of one. To you labour is just another commodity to be bought in the cheapest market and scrapped when it comes to be profitable.

You have given us an IDEAL. Virile creeds for which to fight, beliefs that are worth our sacrifice. Your Conservative party has nothing left to conserve but the profits of alien usury. The land it was sworn to protect has gone to waste. Your Socialist Party has forgotten its socialist roots. The once great Liberal Party reduced through its lies to fringe status. You have been constant in only one thing, your materialism. Whether it is the materialism of the money lender or the materialism of Marx, it must inevitably clash with any creed that rates the worker as higher than a mere cog in the industrial machine.

And now realising that a new generation of voters constitute a threat to your system you are prepared to go to any length to shore up its collapse. You appease our enemy while oppressing British Patriots, and to advert the end of your reign you are even willing to once again send our people into the hell of another European war.

But you are too late; the generation reared on disillusion that has learnt to distrust everything has also learnt to distrust the political class. The workers you have sought to divide will come together with the purpose of destroying you. The men on the dole, the men sweating in industrial hell holes on minimum wages, the men fighting your illegal wars, the men who have seen this country sink into a multicultural morass of crime and hatred. In trying to deceive us you have deceived yourselves. The war you are interested in us fighting is not the war we want to fight; it is a war against you and the system you stand for, a disciplined insurrection, it is the British Fascist revolutionary war that we intend to wage.