“It won’t happen here”


There are many self-satisfied people in this country, who view disturbances around the world with the smug observation, "It won't happen here". They see bombs and assassinations, civil war and riot, and argue these are the product of un-British tyrannical forms of government. Such people had a very rude awakening when bombs went off in London and more recently with the brutal murder of Lee Rigby.

NBU condemn these acts in the strongest possible terms, but they are the inevitable result of weak and indecisive government. By the very nature of party politics democracy shirks all highly controversial subjects, especially when these cut across contemporary party lines and embarrass party leaders. The result is that bitterly controversial topics deeply affecting the lives of ever growing minorities may be shelved indefinitely, until the aggrieved section is compelled to draw attention to itself by violent measures.

Indecision having provoked violence, democracy proceeds to make the situation worse by ineffective reprisals, followed by tame negotiation with the representatives of the gunmen and bombers. With such encouragement, it is scarcely surprising that unrepresented minorities with a claim on British Government should come forward with a bomb in one hand and an AK47 in the other. They have learned that the best way to get concession from democracy is to bomb them out.

Democratic Government has no right to jeopardise the lives of innocent citizens by this encouragement of the gunman. What we require is Government that is capable of taking decisive action on controversial topics, before men are driven to acts of anti-social violence by desperation. We also need Government which, having made a just and generous decision, will support this decision with its full strength, and crush relentlessly any gunman or bomber who attempts to resort to violence.

Democracy makes the worst of both these alternatives, unable to come to a just and decisive settlement in the first place, it is far too weak to check the gunmen by the only possible method, adamantine refusal to concede anything to force. More and more the present system reveals its hopeless incapacity. More and more this age of destiny demands strong and decisive leadership. Already the bomb has come to Britain. We hope it will awaken the British people to the need of immediate and decisive action to remedy the cause of such disgrace.