Integrity, loyalty and trustfulness

It is no easy task to maintain personal honour against opponents who have no concept of the meaning of such a word. We have been assailed with every dishonourable weapon, which our unscrupulous enemies could devise, from attacks on isolated members to victimisation by denunciation to employers. Yet we must not sink to the level of our opponents. We must fight with clean hands, proving by our moral superiority over our enemies that we are fit to lead in achievement while they are mainly fit to destroy.

A sense of honour is not a matter of private ‘morality’ good or bad, it is the status which the individual maintains in relation to his fellow men. It is the outward symbol of his inward value. A man whose word cannot be trusted may be a ‘good guy’ to some, but such a career does not coincide with our concept of morality. In another sphere a man, who is so venal that he will sell to the highest bidder whatever the issues involved, has ceased to be, as effectively as if he had put his head into a gas oven.

Let us make sure we are fit to undertake our struggle by maintaining standards of honourable conduct, which shall not be degraded by the scandalous and malicious behaviour of our enemies. Let us set honourable standards of integrity, loyalty and trustfulness, so that the NBU may make full use of us to advance the cause we serve. The future has need of men, let us make ourselves the men to mould that future.

Gary Raikes