In the history of revolutionary movements we know the long, slow periods of preparation lead to moments of fierce decision.


None can say that the story of British Union has ever been uneventful, because now as in the past we have experienced and have sought a struggle such as no other movement of this country has endured.  Yet the immediate past in relation to the imminent future has been but preparation.


We now approach the hour of decision. In this year should be decided whether the desperate efforts of the dark enemy to secure a world war will succeed or whether that crime will be finally shattered on the rock of our resolution.


They want the war of nations, because without that war they lose. We want the peace of nations, because in that peace we win.


They seek to blind the people in a deluge of blood, we seek to lead the people with clear yet visionary eyes to a world that we will build anew, and such is the issue of this struggle.


Shall corruption escape the avenging flame in the destruction of western civilisation? Every fibre of our strength burns in the fire of the Blackshirt spirit that answers “No” Once again we give ourselves to Britain, we stand for peace. Once again our standards will be victorious.


Let those who shrink aside at such an hour find a reply, if they can, to the question of their children. Let them meet the eyes of Britain’s heroes gazing upon them with cold contempt from a story of manhood and of daring unsurpassed in the stormy annals of mankind.


In this struggle will be developed the young strength that in the gathering storm will sweep their old and corrupt power from the pages of a glorious history that it has disgraced.


Desperate, therefore, will be their efforts in world disaster to escape their final doom. But mightier, in the final decision, will be the splendid inspiration of British Union to lead and to save our people, because we hold within us a trust that may not be denied.


In your trust comrades, are the past, the present and the future of Britain, in your trust is the peace and happiness of the suffering peoples of the Earth.


Hail Britannia