We are a fighting race, and it is a good thing we are, because empires are not built by weak minded liberal pacifists. But the political elite refuse to recognise the fact, and hide it behind a mask of lies and deceit. They feed the British lion on a diet of milk, babies food and watered bread. The unfortunate beast is asked to forget his own epic story and snarl condemnation, like a senile, weak-minded old man, at the acts of other less deadly creatures of the jungle.

But somewhere in the back of his mind, among all the liberal propaganda something is beginning to stir. He hears Drakes drum, throbbing its harsh awakening roll in his ears. The lion yawns, stretches, raises one mighty paw to strike the political elite into the dust…and off to rule his heritage once more as it should be ruled.

The very thought sends the democratic lilies grey with terror. “Brutality”, they cry, “The lights are going out all over Europe once again”. But we know another grim prophecy, that every previous civilisation has grown sick inside and has been overwhelmed by barbarian hordes in a sea of blood and plunder.

NBU believe that the fate which struck down all others can be avoided only by resolute action, to clean civilisation from the inside. Healthy cultures do not fall. Civilisation must retain its virility if it is to live; if it grows weak and degenerate then it has always been over-whelmed under a flood of barbarian invasion which, after centuries of chaos revitalises it and a civilisation arises where the old one died. Fascism, with its intolerance of decay and ill health will give the necessary injection of virility and health which shall prevent the death of the civilisation of the west.

Join us today and help spread the British Fascist message of hope to our embattled people, rally around the ’Flash and Circle’ flag of the New British Union and become part of the cure, let ‘people not politicians’ be your battle cry!

Hail Britannia

Gary Raikes