I want to see an end to toleration


From every newspaper is stretched a smarmy hand to stroke the fevered brow of our stricken people. Talking of their ‘toleration’ as a national virtue, lulling them to sleep by their chant in boast of ‘British freedom’.


Toleration was not a virtue it was a vice. The toleration that they claim is so admirable, what does it amount to? Toleration of unemployment, bad housing, poor health service, mass immigration, poverty, toleration of a gang of bankers to rob the people to their hearts content. Toleration of idle men, idle factories, idle land, while thousands of men women, and children too, are crying out for the goods those idle resources could provide in abundance.


And ‘freedom’, they talk a lot about freedom of the press. If the press is free, free as they are today to tell lies, then the people are no longer free to get the truth. It is freedom for the press Barons, for those who own the press to lie, lie and continue to lie again.


I want to see an end to toleration. I want to see a people intolerant, angry and determined to rid the country of vice and corruption, to free the people threatened with bankruptcy, to free the workers from being no more than the plaything of the gamblers of the City of London. This is why I fight and will continue to fight with New British Union; we must not tolerate the colonisation of our country any further, it is time to make your voice heard.


Hail Britannia


Gary Raikes