Fascism v democracy

In the present democratic system your MP is voted into office by gaining more votes than all the other candidates standing in the constituency. Let's look at this in greater detail.

Imagine a by-election takes place, there are six candidates representing different political parties. These people have been put forward by their party's membership, which is a tiny percentage of those eligible to vote. They then receive votes from say 40% of voters and are placed by number of votes each polls. So from a constituency of 100,000 registered voters the result was;

Blue 11,000-27.5%
Red 10,500-26.25%
Yellow 8,500-21.25%
Green 6,500-16.25
Purple 2,500-6.25%
Grey 1000-2.5%

A total of 40,000 votes cast. Blue wins the seat with 27.5% of the vote.

Looking at the bigger picture this means 72.5% voted for someone else and out of the whole constituency including those who chose not to vote at all means a staggering 91% of people did not vote Blue, and yet it is Blue that now represents them all in Parliament!

We all know under the present system you could stand a monkey in a red or blue rosette and they would get elected. The party system is all about voting for the party and not the person, fascism will end this charade.

Under a Fascist National Government of unity elections would still take place but they would elect a person not a party. Someone who lived in the constituency and understood the problems and issues of the people, someone who had proved to be worthy of election who would truly represent their constituents and not just be interested in lining their own pockets with tax-payers cash.

There would be no opposition shadow government with their noses in the trough blocking the action of government, what we promise to do will be done! Every MP elected to serve the people under one leader loyal to Queen and country, government of the people for the people by the people. Fascism is the future.

Hail Britannia


Gary Raikes