Fascism in the past was a modern driving force that adapted to the situation of the time. New British Union is New Fascism and as such has adapted to the situation we face today. Fascism was not strait jacketed into any strict ideology if something did not work it would be discarded in favour of policy that would work. Getting results that benefited the country and its people were important not being tied to any blinkered political vision.


This fact seems to have escaped the ‘old guard’ they slavishly follow an old doctrine of fascism no longer relevant to the current situation Britain faces. Movements that do not evolve and adapt simply die out, the NF is a good example, the BNP that used to take two steps forward and one back now take one forward and two back!


New Fascism is attracting the young in a way ‘nationalist’ parties have failed to do, NBU’s modern approach to fascism while retaining a link with the past is working. The old guard are out of step and out of time let them remain in their dusty drinking clubs sheltered from the reality of today’s world.


Armchair generals that attack NBU yet lack the courage and conviction to do anything in the real world should note that NBU is based on the BUF not a carbon copy or some sort of fan club. Like Mosley and all other fascists in the past we have taken the best of ‘left and right’ today we have taken the best of old Fascism to forge a new future, discipline, dedication, direction proud to wear the black shirt and fly the flag of British Fascism today and tomorrow.


Hail Britannia.