Fascism combines the great principles of life and action in a new and dynamic creed of the modern age. Fascism stands for revolutionary change, and it employs the instruments by which the necessary changes can be effected with order and authority.


Leadership, loyalty, discipline, decision are the great instruments by which Fascism will carry through the changes that will end poverty and suffering and lift Great Britain to a pinnacle among the nations.


Fascism, like all the faiths of the past is common to all nations, but in Britain it will find its highest expression and development, because it is more naturally adapted to Britain than to any other country.


The essence of Fascism is teamwork, the power to pull together and sink individual interest in the common cause of the nation. These same qualities have been the essence of the British character in every great moment of its destiny.


Fascism returns to Britain in an hour of decadence and of surrender, to evoke once more the great inspirations of the British spirit which have led through adversity to triumph in every great period of our history, and which will not fail us now.


New British Union leads the march back to a better Britain; New Fascism will lead us to a better world. I call on all our members, new and old, to do whatever they can to promote the movement, to build upon this our first and very successful year and make 2014 the year of the Blackshirt.


Hail Britannia


Gary Raikes