As we have stated in the past fighting elections that you have no chance of winning is counter productive, it brings disillusionment, disappointment and recrimination as your members play the blame game called 'whose fault was it that you were so humiliated'.

Then there is the cost, £500 per candidate which without polling a certain percentage is lost, all the small parties (and now thankfully that includes the liberals) will lose thousands of pounds that could have been spent in so many more productive ways to promote their parties to the public.

Now look at the history of the NF and BNP, over decades of fighting elections they both will not have a single elected member of any parliament or most likely even any council seat in Britain after May!

Yet membership of these two parties over the years runs into hundreds of thousands of patriots, over a million people voted BNP in the last European Elections, these people are still out there they just no longer waste their vote on parties that will not win. A sort of election catch 22 situation exists.

The mass of patriots are sick of broken promises and political failure and have moved towards street movements in an attempt to get their voices heard. Unfortunately the same thing is happening, after five years the EDL has achieved nothing, all their marches have changed nothing, “this system will bend but not break, this establishment channels every threat you make” as a great song goes!

New British Union is different, we believe that the way forward is through education, building support away from the spotlight of sham democracy. Build a Blackshirt community where we support each other, we buy and sell from each other, we stand together. A disciplined loyal movement that has integrity and honour, a fellowship that lives by the fascist principles both in thought and in deed.

The time to fight elections will come, but it will be when we are ready and not before. Voting at this time is a waste of time no matter who you cast your vote for, NBU will not play the establishments game we suggest you simply write ‘Fascism next time’ across your ballot paper, lets put our energy, time and money into promoting the truth of British Fascism to our embattled people, an idea whose time has come cannot be stopped, one person at a time, one street at a time, one village, one City, one County at a time, our message can be spread throughout the United Kingdom if we all do our bit, Hail Britannia.