Democracy means government by pretence

According to the deluded liberal political elite democracy is of divine origin and breaths the spirit of the British race. It has made our country free and great. it bestowed upon us a mighty empire. it steered us through all our troubles and bought us to a safe anchorage in a world of peace!

This of course is nonsense, democracy is but a thing of yesterday. For what is democracy? According to the true democrat it means universal suffrage, or the right of every man and woman to vote for a parliamentary candidate.

But universal suffrage has only come into being since the first world war, and unqualified male suffrage some 120 years ago, while prior to the first Reform Act of 1832, the majority of the populace had no vote at all. Are we then to assume that our freedom, our rights, our privileges, and our once great empire only came into existence during the last 200 years. What we may ask, of the centuries which went before? Is Magna Charta a myth? is the glorious reign of Elizabeth a fairy tale? Are the great events which appear throughout our long, long history as unsubstantial as those of Greece in the age of Troy? Of course, no sane person believes that suffrage, universal or partial, played any great part in the story of our race.

Democracy means government by pretence. This pretence has its roots in the House of Commons, which pretends to represent not only that section of the people who voted for them, but also those who voted against, the latter strangely enough sometimes out numbering the former. Then the cabinet pretends to represent Parliament, and this no one believes. But as pretence is an unseemly word democracy has been substituted for it.

So democracy pretends to be loyal to Queen and Country but allows aliens and communists to deride the Queens majesty and flout the Flag. Afraid to crush sedition it pretends that such is merely a manifestation of the right of free speech. Democracy sacrifices honour to cowardice, loyalty to sedition, prosperity to alien finance and with acclamation, sacrifices freedom on the alter of Red Tape. Fascism is the future!

Gary Raikes