Democracy is a system of tyranny


Democracy is a system of tyranny; Fascism is a movement of liberation. Democracy is the resort of senility; Fascism is the revolt of youth. Democracy is the death of the spirit, of nobility, of culture, aspiration and communal strength; Fascism gives back life.


Too often of late the nation has had to listen to the faltering political elites of professional politics mouthing smug platitudes about the holy ‘liberty’ of the Briton, which, it is alleged, Fascism will forever destroy. But disdaining the solemn warnings of these traitorous hypocrites an ever-larger section of the community receives with attention the regenerative mission of the modern movement.


Slowly the realisation breaks upon the people that for centuries they have been dominated by a persistent and relentless tyranny. In the name of freedom they have been oppressed and enslaved, ever since the deposition of the old aristocracy and its replacement by an ignoble regime of merchant-princes lifted by the power of ill-gotten wealth to direct the direction of the country.


The whole structure of the democratic Constitution has been the work of those financial lords and commercial potentates who have disposed the true nobility. Everything has been done with solemn invocations in the name of liberty. It meant, in actuality, economic licence and political irresponsibility in every sphere of national life it meant the dictatorship of privilege and corruption.


Fettered by fear, held down by wage shackles, restrained on every side by the deliberate inefficiency and impotency of a system designed to be completely inaccessible to influences of reform, the people have been forced to submit to a process of slow emasculation. The Bourgeois-capitalist ruling caste has purposefully extinguished every vital impulse within the nation.


However, Fascism in our will and spirit already bridges the gulf of the ages. The romantic traditions of the past are linked to the scientific realities of the future. Such thoughts once born can never die. Now to their inspiration the flower of our manhood rallies today. Through the length and breadth of the country The vital flame is moving and thousands follow in the new faith.


Strong arms bear forward the mighty conception of Britain reborn and united. Indomitable spirits declare that come what may this thing shall be. The light spreads over Britain and the marching legions in their ordered strength move forward to a new and greater day.