The political dead-end of UKIP

With the defection of former Conservative MP Douglas Carswell to UKIP, and the possibility of more Tories joining him, we in the NBU need to be clear on several things when we engage with like-minded citizens.

These defections present a wonderful opportunity for we in the NBU to argue what the European Union stands for, who controls it, and in whose interests. We understand that the EU represents an International Free- Market Cabal of Bankers who seek to undermine Nation States in their bid to forge a European and ultimately a World Government.

All aspects of the National Interest of Britain, both cultural and financial will be subordinated in their plan to destroy the Nation State.

UKIP whilst being a protest vote for many, against the Bankers European Agenda, are ultimately a dead-end by virtue they support the private banking institutions that will always put their interests before that of the Nation, and seek not to control them with a view to serving Britain, for as we in the NBU understand, you cannot serve two masters.

For we as Fascists must make it clear that the interest of the State is paramount- with private and alien interests subordinate to this. Our duty must be to serve the Fascist State and it's Citizens. In order to achieve this, and in recognizing that private enterprise is the still the most effective manner to achieve this, we recognize that the Corporate State must replace the anarchy of Free-Market Laissez-Faire economics, that has for too long undermined our Nation and it's Citizens in order to serve the interests of International Finance, with it's reliance and indeed encouragement of cheap transient labour taking the jobs of our own Citizens, Whilst poisoning our culture with it's Multi-Cultural agenda. For our Nation is too important to lie in the hands of International Finance and needs to be run by those committed to serving the interests of Britain. This won't come about by the replacement of Tory MP's by those of UKIP, but by those committed to a fundamental re-establishment of control of our Nations destiny freed from the leeches of International Finance! Bankers must serve the Nation and the Citizens of the Fascist State! Our duty is to forge the NBU in order to achieve this! Forward!