“Courage is the acid test of political worth. To wear the Black shirt will test your courage, I hope you have this courage. If you should join us I can promise you this, when you have put on the black shirt you will become a knight of Fascism, of a political and spiritual order. You will be reborn anew. The Black shirt is the emblem of a new faith that has risen again in our land.


To all those who have heard our message I say; If you are men and women worthy of the new age and the new civilisation that is opening out before you; If you have an ounce of political courage within you; If you are revolutionaries ready to wield the Fascist axe to destroy all the rot within the present system; If you are patriots with a passionate love for your country and desire to see it the brightest and fairest land under heaven, then come and join us.


If you believe in the true greatness of Britain, if you believe that the Corporate State will bring economic salvation, then you will be received with joy in the New British Union of Fascists.


But the Black shirt is the test”


Gary Raikes