Country before Party


No greater justification could have been provided for the scepticism which British Fascists feel for parliamentary methods than the recent history of the Liberal Party. It has really illustrated the old saying that “even a worm will turn”.


The country has had before it the piteous spectacle of the relics of a once great and important party being driven to any and every degrading expedient to prolong its unworthy existence until even some of its own members have at last turned disgusted from the task which their leader allotted to them of licking Cameron’s boots.


Fortunately for their own personal reputations the majority of Liberal supporters felt the position intolerable in its indignity and have refused to follow through that mud into which Clegg always cheerfully led the way.


It is from the repetition of contemptible duplicity such as this, in the ‘Mother of Parliaments’ who has now obviously reached her dotage, that British Fascists turn with relief to their own declaration, “ We have no faith whatsoever in the House of Commons as at present constituted or in any system which allows of ‘party bargaining’. We believe in country before party, and in the execution of this policy without personal gain or consideration.”


How many of the professional politicians prosecute their own programme ‘without personal gain or consideration’? We should like to know.