Our leader, Gary Raikes, offered me the post of National Officer shortly after the Preston Conference, of two weeks ago now, where I gave a short speech on 'Our Hidden Enemies'. After a couple of days thinking about what I might achieve in the post, I accepted.

I am under no illusion of the enormous task we have all undertaken to try and shake the British folk out of their slumber to self-destruction. Through lies and spin, they are living outside the real world, totally unaware of the disastrous future that waits them. But we, knowing the sacrifice we must make, have to do the right thing. We will not give up and join the pathetic with their, 'What can I do about it?' When we salute together, we know we are one, comrades for the same cause and ready to fight together for what is ours, our lands, our rights and to take back what has been taken from us.

It is now about eight years ago where a couple of events happened in my life that made me start to see through all the lies I was living and just how bad and evil our governments have become. With my children having grown up and left home and retiring from teaching at 55, I had time to do much research on the internet. Truths take time to discover. All truths are conspiracy theory at first but, over time, with lots of research, the truths keep being backup and the lies break down.

Why fascism? Well, democracy is a non-starter. Democracy is where a large number of the voters have low IQ's, never going to understand the complexities of politics or be well informed, to make an intelligent vote on major matters that will determine the countries futures. We don't have democracy in this country, though most will say we have, but what we do have suits our enemies well. Our enemies are able to get their puppet governments in to power back with their control of the media they own.

I was in the BNP for a number of years and was the Organiser for Burton-on-Trent. There were about 25 paid up members. None of them were keen with activism, leafleting and standing in elections. I stood in six local elections over five years getting 24% in one. I did get to within 91 votes, out of 6,300 possible, of getting a seat on the council in one election. During that time, I stood three other candidates, sorting out mine and their paperwork at the council. I must have delivered 40,000 leaflets during that time. I designed and printed the leaflets myself. Yes, I have my own printing machines.

Come General Election time, now nearly five years ago, the Burton members decided that they wanted their mate, a gardener, to stand. BNP main office ran the risk of losing a number of paying members, so went with them. Burton had never heard of this gardener and they got just 4%, losing their £500 deposit! I could go on like as to where the £500 came from, but enough. You would guess right!

The NBU is growing, perhaps faster than we expected. But this is not our best time yet, it is coming. We need to build and educate ready for the time. Not going to explain in detail here but a massive economic crash is about to happen. Our debt has gone exponential and in maths, such curves do not last. Our time will have come. People will want answers as to why their world has fallen apart. They will be willing to do something to save what they had. The NBU will have the answers at the ready.

At the moment, I don't think we can expect the masses to join us just yet but Operation Citadel is to draw more in and educate to make a stronger NBU ready for when our society starts to crumble.

What I see as one of the jobs of a National Officer is supporting other officers out in the 'field', who are developing their areas or town whether helping to develop a leaflet on a matter in their area or support a small/large meet/event they have organised. See you all soon.

Clive Jones

NBU National Officer England