Operation Citadel has now been implemented in six locations across the UK, this number will rise as more officers attend the presentations being given around the country. If you would like to hold one of these events in your district please contact NBU office for relevant information.

In the meantime please watch the Citadel video which will give you a good idea of what the operation entails. This is no quick fix, it will take commitment, dedication and discipline.

While others make a lot of noiseNBU will be quietly going about its business of getting our country back, sinking roots deep in our communities preparing the way for the day when Blackshirts march again leading the way back to a better Britain.

We are looking for brave men and women to lead the way, in village, town or city you can make a difference, get involved in your local community and let the commonsense word of British fascism be heard!

Hail Britannia

Gary Raikes