To create a new and greater Britain a change in attitude to Britain, an awakening to consciousness of the whole nation will be required. This National awakening can only come through Fascist revolution through a movement penetrating and inspiring every single branch of the Nations life. Britain can only become great and virile once more if this movement is British to the core. It must bring all the finest qualities of British Character back into their old place of honour. The phrase “a British gentleman” must win a new and higher meaning. At present it means little or nothing.

It is the normal and natural development of the 21st century that national rebirth should come to Britain through fascist revolution. It is the crystallised expression of our national character and personality. No other movement can take lasting hold on Britain, for it would not be adapted to our geo-political position or our national temperament.

The national awakening will not only clean up politics, but also the Press, and persons who have nothing nobler to do than stir up the feelings of Britons against other sections of the nation, or against other and friendly nations in order to make money will find short shrift, be they Muslim, Jew or Christian.

If youth hears our appeal there is not a moments doubt that it will respond,it holds the future of the nation in its hands. We are the only party that understands youth and can offer it the chance and honour to serve Britain in times of peace. Other parties have always neglected youth until they found occasion to call upon them to immolate themselves on the battlefield while they directed the gamble from safety. No more capitalist war in the interest of one class or one party, no more brothers wars. If fascist Britain ever goes to war it will only be when the safety of the country is in danger, in self-defence.

At present our youth, from whom we expect so much, has little ambition in life. The noblest aim we find among youths today is to get a soft job and have an easy time. But has anyone shown the way, has anyone ever suggested to youth in the last twenty years a single practical ambition which is not self-centred?They are bought up half ashamed of the great country they have inherited. Little or no attempt is made to inspire youth with British ideals or to give them a beginning of national consciousness.

Fascism will give our youth a clear, honourable, and worthy aim and goal in life. May the whole youth of Britain awake now before its too late, the eleventh hour has already struck.

Gary Raikes