Socialism is a belief that people can make real progress towards the better life only by co-operating with their fellows in social units. Socialism lays down that the individual must confirm to the rules of the society or social unit of which they are a member, that they have duties and responsabilities towards that society and in return are entitled to certain rights and benefits. That is SOCIAL JUSTICE.

Socialism therefore is in direct contrast to liberalism, which is a belief that the individual must have liberty to do whatever they think best for themselves, regardless of the effect on society. In pursuit of this belief, liberalism has allowed the stronger more fortunate or less scrupulous individuals to enrich themselves at the expense of the community. Hence the existence of a few rich and many poor, of wide-spread hardship and insecurity in an age which could provide an adequate and assured living for all.

Not all of those who have profited by the abuse of liberty call themselve liberal, many now call themselves conservative, I.e they want to conserve their gains. They now demand that the whole community should defend that freedom which they have abused. And the rest of the people, who have no real freedom, are compelled to suffer in order that this minority may be secure in their vested interests.

The great mass of the population is not free because it must earn its daily bread under conditions laid down by others. If it refuses to observe these conditions, it has to go hungry. But money is free, because it can be moved about freely at the will of the owner, it can demand reward whether it is usefully employed or not, it can even be used for anti-social purposes. Talk also is free, unless it offends influential parties. Politicians are free to talk as they like without any necessity to tell the truth or to keep promises. They are paid much better for talk then the worker is for work. So when they talk of freedom they usually mean only the interests of bankers and politicians.

True freedom can come through Social justice, because in a justly ordered society each individual is free to enjoy their fair share of the common wealth. But justice connot come through Liberal freedom, because freedom allows the strong to exploit the weak.

How can the will of the people be expressed Or their needs met, when government is in the hands of party cliques and vested interests? Who selects M.P's? The people or parties? Who controls economic policy? The people who work or the bankers who control the money? The corrupt party ridden finance dominated democracy which we know today has nothing to do with socialism. It is an obstruction which must be swept away before socialism can be achieved.

International socialism which is the creed of the labour party, has failed because it is based on unrealities. It ignores the plain truth that the nation is the natural form of society. Instead it accepts the arbitary and artificial class distinctions imposed by capitalism. So instead of getting on with the job of building a Socialist order in Britain when in power, the labour party wasted its time and its members money in meddling with international affairs. In spite of its professed love of peace it constantly advocated foreign adventures which could be of no positive benefit to the British people. International Socialism has failed because it could not possibly have suceeded, even if the labour party had been true to its priciples.

Communism is a perverted form of international socialism. In fact, it is hardly socialism at all. It does not abolish capital, but simply concentrates it in the hands of a few all-powerful State officials who are not responsible to the people. By denying the existence of those two great spiritual forces, religion and patriotism, communism reveals itself as gross materialism. It degrades man to the level of animal.

British Socialism will suceed where International socialism has failed, because it is based on the natural form of society, the nation. It breaks down the class barriers created by capitalism instead of exploiting them for political purposes, it mobilises the people to achieve Socialism now instead of waiting for some vague world millenium. It attacks the problems of our own people, instead of interferring with the problems of other people. It seeks always to unite the people for the establishment of social justice and the better use of national resources for the benefit of the whole nation.

Therefore the British form of Socialism is known as British Union. Britain can achieve true freedom and real democracy through New British Union. It can achieve only more poverty and further enslavement by fighting for fake freedom and finance ridden democracy.

If you want true socialism in your time, support NBU.