Fascism is a movement of action; it discards what does not work in favour for what does for the good of the state and the people. British Fascism reflects the British character and as in the past differs from Fascism abroad.

Fascism is merely another way of doing things; the third way if you like, not far right or far left it is directly opposed to the establishment’s political system of sham democracy. Fascism stands for the people; it is classless and only interested in what is best for State, people and Country.

As Fascism would deprive the political class of their highly paid positions and would do away with the failed party system, a system that hamstrings the government from delivering on their manifesto pledges, it has suffered decades of abuse from the establishment. Traffic Wardens enforcing parking regulations are deemed Fascist, as are teachers handing out detention or policemen enforcing the law. The establishment have invented ‘fashion fascists ‘,’ food fascists and a plethora of other fascists that are held up to ridicule and labelled jobs-worth or ‘little Hitler’s’.

Make no mistake this has been done to discredit the term, to make out that all forms of enforcement and disciplines are fascist and against freedom even though they often benefit society. The truth is Fascism is a political ideology, just like socialism, liberalism, nationalism or conservatism is, the only difference is that Fascism believes in people not politicians. Only Fascism stands against the present corrupt political elite and would rid the country of these parasites in one swoop.

Under the party system people vote for different colour rosettes, some constituencies could put up a monkey in a red or blue rosette and get it voted into Parliament. Most constituencies are represented by MP’s who don’t come from or even live in the region, don’t know the people or the issues facing them, people vote for party not person only Fascism would change this.

NBU would set up a Fascist National Government of Unity, a Parliament made up of people not politicians, the electorate would have the choice of which person to vote for in their constituency, the one with the most votes takes a seat in Parliament to represent the people. There will be no paid opposition just members doing what is best for their constituents, not representing big business or bankers but concentrating on making life better for the people. If the member fails in any way he or she will be dismissed by the electorate or in the case of corruption by the NBU leadership.

Fascism would avoid involvement in any foreign wars, being a nationalist movement Britain and the British people would always be put first. All major issues affecting the country would be put to referendum; the people at last would have their say. Reinstating capital punishment, leaving the EU, foreign aid, immigration the people would vote on all these concerns and much more.

Fascist Parliamentarians would be paid a working wage; a barrack block would be built to house them when parliament was sitting. There will be no expenses or allowances. Constituency offices will double up as food banks and drop in centres for the benefit of the people. Parliament will for the first time really work for the people.


All public services will be renationalised back into state ownership, the Armed Services will be rejuvenated, and the police will be freed from all political correct restraints. Housing will be bought into state ownership with a huge building program instated. Coalmines will be reopened, jobs will be created for all that can work, national service will be reinstated, Fascism will not tolerate idle youth.

Fascism means all in the state, all for the state, none against the state. Quite simply anyone working against British interests will be removed from the country. Anyone breaking the law will be severely dealt with. Freedom in private, service in public is our creed. British values, British traditions, British culture and no others will be promoted in Britain. While Fascism is not concerned with religion, people would be free to practice whatever they like, however it will not stand for a state within a state, British Law will remain the law of the land Britain will remain British.


Far from suppressing freedoms Fascism will ensure the will of the people is carried out, everyone will have work and a home, money for luxuries and holidays, crime free communities decent schools and health care, the people will have a real say in how the country is run. This is the reality of British Fascism today.


Hail Britannia


Gary Raikes