Although NBU is committed to contesting local council seats in future elections we are by no means supporters of local Government. Unfortunately this is the system we find ourselves in and have to abide the law that supports it. However as Fascists we would abolish local Government and replace it with something much more efficient.

What has local Government grown to be? If you took the average week of the average member of a rural council you would think a great deal before you continued to support this out-of-date system.

Monday, the first meeting begins at 0930 and owing to the enforced early hour only three members and the chairman turn up to discuss the plans for new bungalows, shops, houses etc, everything is going quite nicely and looks like finishing in time for the next committee meeting at ten, when four other members arrive.
One very soon lets it be known that he came that day especially to object to some plan or another, and as it has been passed he asserts his rights to disagree and to stop the minutes going through. Nobody else can see why he objects but suspects its because he does not like the man who wants to build the house.

At ten the Housing meeting starts and item after item is challenged by various members - all perfectly within their rights - who have been absent from previous meetings and did not know the full details of cases to which they were opposed. Thus can the whole future of a man or woman be changed by the successful voting of the supporters of the objector - Mr A wants a grant to recondition a house and this has been agreed after much thought by a committee which sat two weeks before, a member who objects to Mr A's politics and therefore would like to see him sitting in the road homeless, argues against the previous recommendation and by appealing to the "consideration for the taxpayers, Mr Chairman", he gets the whole matter referred back!

Eleven o'clock sees the arrival of the rest of the council and when the matters which have passed the various committees come up for agreement any member has the right to dispute any item and the whole thing is lost or referred back. Very often it takes three months or more to get a decision on a matter!

All these people sit and argue - in many cases about things they know nothing about - convinced the country would go to pieces without them. It is this failed system we must put an end to and get nearer to Mosley's idea of "give a man a job to do, and let him do it" if Britain is ever to be great again.