Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars


A crisis is at hand in the religious life of Britain and other European countries, which will probably result in a religious revolution of far greater importance than the upheaval of the sixteenth century.


To the interested observer it must be evident that the majority of people are becoming indifferent to the leadership of the Christian churches, or in many cases actively hostile to them, and yet it would not be true to say that they are drifting towards irreligious positions. The greatest disaster that could happen to this country would be a permanent antagonism between the State and the Christian religion, and it is the fear of that eventualality that is keeping hundreds of devout people from sharing in the political ideas of British Fascism. They are suspicious of any movement that emphasises the sovereignty of the State because they have seen conflicts in other countries between the political and religious authorities and have not been able to discover the real causes of those struggles.


In a Fascist State should such a conflict arise it would be the Church’s fault or rather the fault of the Ecclesiastical Authorities.

Fascism is in fact based upon one of the direct commands of Jesus Christ; render unto Caesar the things that are Caesars. This admonition clearly indicates that Christ allowed and acknowledged the earthly authority of those to whom he permits the government of his peoples in this world. He became as the Bible says, ‘obedient unto the law for man’. After all, Christianity should teach good and loyal service to the earthly State as the best means of training the soul for good and loyal service to the spiritual kingdom of the King of Kings.


When a prejudiced clergy condemn Fascism in any form they are damning one of the most powerful forces, which could support the fundamental principles of true religion. Fascism is not out to render to Caesar the things that are Gods. It minds its own business, which is the good government of the earthly State, for the corporate welfare of the community.


The Spiritual leaders should do the same in their own great sphere. The Church must mind her own business, which is a spiritual or un-earthly work for the welfare of souls. Church and State wars are nearly always unnecessary, a fact which makes them doubly tragic. There is nothing at all to prevent the most ardent Fascist who puts ‘Britain First’ politically from applying the same principle to his religion and putting ‘God First’ ethically.


One would think that the devoutly religious person would see the futility of multiculturism. The nations of the world do not keep step in the march of civilisations progress; such a state of harmony is not likely to obtain in this world except through the influence of religion.


But that does not hinder each nation from ordering its own political affairs in its own way, and patriotism does not oppose or exclude Christian internationalism. The Fascist is the true internationalist, because he seeks above all to make his own nation an efficient, prosperous, and contented unit in the nations of the world.

Britain, prosperous and well governed is far more likely to be beneficial to her neighbours, and far less likely to be anyone’s enemy.

Moreover, Fascism teaches the necessity and importance of sacrifice in the interests of ones country. And the principle of sacrifice is the great foundation stone of the Christian religion.


Rev. A. Palmer