Britain and Europe Need Corporate Fascist States.

The questions about Fascism are always about peace and prosperity. But when posing this question we should also look at the result of democracy and democratic governments and their record of peace and prosperity. A Corporate Fascist Britain would desire only peace, it can give reality to collective security by a new collective corporate spirit in face of the common menace to Europe and the British nation state, which is the ceaseless intrigue of Socialist power that seeks to gain power and influence, by negotiation and fair speech, for the destruction of Western civilization by the simple process of first dividing the advanced nations of Europe and then setting them at each other's throats in quarrels which have neither material nor spiritual relevance to reality. The system of Financial Democracy is crumbling in decay and collapse throughout the world and especially in Europe. At home here in Britain there is an economic and social transformation to be carried through which amounts to an all out revolution. All our resources and all our strength is needed for that transformation and the stricken and bewildered peoples search for an alternative to the old parties and democracy, and alternative which presents hope, peace and economic security. The alternative of the modern Corporate Fascist Movement rises with the stark realism of granite above the confusion of present politics not only as a rock on which humanity may build anew but as a conception illuminated by the highest ideal of national and world citizenship which has yet animated the soul of man.

All across Europe the people are waking up! They are wakening from a sleep that has enveloped them for many years. It was a sleep brought on by malaise and fear but now in country after country across Europe people are waking up to the realisation that they have a choice, and that choice is a simple one, to reach for either Socialism or Fascism. The realism of the new creed builds upon the basic fact of economic settlement and justice for individual nations, without which all else is vain. The economic settlement must mean the break up of the European monetary union, for without it justice can not be served, after all it was the democratic system that enslaved the European nations in to a single monetary union and also hamstrung other countries within Europe who signed up to the European charter by taking away their national sovereignty. The Corporate Fascist state recognises that European leadership must rest within the individual nation state and must allow that individual state its own sovereignty. It is to this that we must recognise that only Fascist nations and Fascist nations alone can guarantee not only the peace of Europe but the peace of the world once their policies are united in objectives which are not susceptible to Socialist, democratic impotency; this is because we will have power to ACT!

However materialism and economic freedom alone are not enough, and upon the basic fact of an established community of interest the universalism of Corporate Fascism erects the majestic edifice of a new world idea which commands the mind and spirit of man with the fiery force of a new religion. The old world will not mingle: so the peace of mankind attends in all lands to the passing of the Old World, and Britain by force of power and potential of moral leadership must become the ultimate arena of struggle between the Old and the New, within which the destiny of British and European civilization will be decided. Great is the responsibility that high fate imposes upon us. We fight not only for the salvation of the land we love; we fight also for the Peace of Mankind, for without Fascism Britain and the greater World will be left to the ravages of socialism and all the degradation that it brings.


Colin Smith