Freedom of speech is the most abused phrase in the English language at the present time. It is, therefore, particularly important that we make it perfectly clear what NBU means by Freedom of Speech.

The democratic definition is to the fascist one of the strangest jokes of the present system. Those of us who have been assailed with bricks and bars just because we have dared to advance an opinion for the consideration of our fellow countrymen can only regard as humorous the democratics love of free speech.

Particularly is it paradoxical to observe that those who are loudest in their talk of the 'right to free speech' are most violent in their denial of free speech to all but themselves.

The final reduction to absurdity of free speech under the present system is the use of the Law by Government not to deal with the assailants but with the defenders of free speech. If trouble takes place at a march or meeting Government and the establishment now regard as the guilty party, not those who assemble with violence to prevent an opinion being stated, but those who peacefully assemble to state that opinion. Democracy in its decline has produced many caricatures of its own system, but none more poignant nor revealing than the blessed right to free speech.

Either all have freedom of speech or none do, this remarkably simple fact escapes the grasp of the leftist liberal. If you cannot form a civil counter argument to combat the opinion being expressed, resulting to violence to shut the argument down is simply reverting to the law of animals, 'destroy what you don't understand'.

The true face of cultural Marxism is being exposed everyday, a change is coming comrades the future is fascist.

Gary Raikes