1. The establishment, by legal and constitutional methods via a general election, of a British Fascist government of national unity, including the frequent and systematic use of national referenda to reflect the declared will of the British people.


  1. The creation of national syndicates in Britain - occupationally-specific legislative entities comprising of workers, employers and consumers which exclusively decide policy and regulation within their field. Higher wages, lower prices, increased pensions and equal pay for women. ‘Make Money the Servant and Not the Master of the People’.


  1. Putting Britain first in a united European family of nations. We stand for European spiritual unity so that Europe stands as one, in face of common enemies. This entails working with individual nations and their respective leaderships, independently of the European Union.


  1. An end to mass immigration to protect British workers' job opportunities, housing spaces, education availability, health service quality and social welfare. The promotion of realism, love and concern for British and European Civilisation, and the firm denouncement of racial hatred.


  1. To encourage consumers to buy British goods and foodstuffs in order to create more jobs and to grow the domestic markets.

  1. The restoration of law and order in accordance with the will of the people, with tougher sentences for serious criminal offences. This includes the re-introduction of the death penalty.


  1. The conservation of our green and pleasant countryside with heavy fines for pollution and litter; a ban on overbuilding on green belt land; support for organic farming and small traditional family farms; and higher standards of animal welfare, both farm and domestic.


  1. The strengthening of Britain’s national defences and armed forces, with a British nuclear deterrent independent of N.A.T.O.

  1. A foreign policy of putting British national interests first; of non-interventionism; and of building mutually-beneficial relationships with all nations.


10. Civil and religious liberty for all.