Fascism is a movement of action - a call to arms or a different way you can help!


Fascism has always been associated with men of action, our symbol stands for Action in Unity, the best selling fascist newspaper in Britain was called Action. The British Union was led by a man of Action and now today we are calling for your Action men!


Yes NBU wants your original 1960's – 70's Palitoy Action man figures and equipment to help raise funds. We do everything differently to the old failing parties, raising funds is no exception.



















We have set aside space in the office to clean, repair and repack vintage Action Man figures which we will then sell on the collectors market to help fund our operations. Every original item will be welcome as each piece will go to building complete sets of uniform etc. We are building lists of all original releases between 1964 and 1974. This includes figures, uniforms, equipment, transport and even empty boxes. Our hope is that if hundreds of members have or can find various pieces (tell friends and family we are raising an army, an army of action men!) we will be able to put a number of full complete sets together out of everything that comes in.


We already have some figures with missing limbs waiting to be patched up and returned to duty so please have a look in your attics and sheds or visit some boot sales see if you can pick something up for pennies which we can turn into pounds!


Action Man reports will be included in every months Blackshirt issue.


Repackaged complete sets will also be for sale in NBU Store. So what are you waiting for? Get your troops fell in and give them their marching orders to ;


NBU Office

C/O Gary Raikes

Hill of Colp Croft



AB53 8HL